Eastern medicine believes that the sick is due to the negative balance of Yin and Yang, so the purpose of healing is to restore this balance and then everyone will be healthy.

Acupuncture works very effectively, such as back pain or headache, infection, menstrual regulation, beauty ... it also revitalizes the body. Expression like better sleep, better eating ... as well as a more pleasant and comfortable feeling


After all I still love acupuncture. From a predestined relationship from a teacher, a computer technology enthusiast. But I have moved to a new profession 'medical profession'.

It's not like anyone else when people often start with drugs, the first thing to learn is massage, then chiropractic, therapy, spinal manipulation ... since ignorance. About traditional medicine until I met my brothers and teachers, I was closer than ever. A new year looking back at nearly ten years of sticking to the profession ... yes no one knows the number of heaven.

The new year hopes to contribute a lot, trying to treat 2019 patients to recover from acupuncture as the goal of the year.
Write here to try!


The Body

From headache, sore back, muscle or joint pain, hypertension, infection, digestive or respiratory disorder, to overweight and more, acupuncture is a greatly effective tool for such cases, as it will treat the source of the disorder.

The Mind

Acupuncture is a simple and powerful method to get rid of everyday worries such as stress, anxiety or overwork. It is also very efficient for insomnia, restless sleep with strong dreams, fear, grief, depression or hyperactivity. Acupuncture re-establishes the equilibrium between the body and the mind and thus, provides serenity.

Is It Painful?

Of course, it depends on the sensibility of each. There might be a subtle pain during the insertion. Acupuncture needles are ten times thinner than needles used for blood sample. At worst, one might feel like being pricked by a rose.


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